Our Mission

The Mike Clemens Centers assists in developing a safe, trusting, and supportive environment by creating and maintaining relationships with students, building skills that will best utilize their social, emotional, behavioral, and/or academic needs, as well as, focusing on each individuals' journey to excellence and success.


The whole child – students and their families who require an intensive support system for social/emotional, behavioral, autism, and/or academic needs.

To be safe and respectful to yourself and others through: communication, collaboration, empowerment, rapport, and trust.

A safe, welcoming, caring, student-centered learning environment that is open to new ideas and respectful of others.

Our students will learn to be emotionally & socially tolerant towards themselves and one another, be meaningful & productive citizens, and achieve their potential as individual students to experience success.

Students will learn essential skills, including coping skills, to live a productive and meaningful life through individualized education, modeling, rehearsal & feedback, and through teachable moments every day.